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Intel and Alibaba team up on edge computing

(Image credit: Michael Moore)

Intel and Alibaba are teaming up to improve “data-centric” computing, the two companies announced recently. During the Alibaba Yungi Conference 2018, which took place in Hangzhou, China, the two companies announced the launch of the Joint Edge Computing Platform.

The new platform integrates Intel’s software, hardware and AI products, with cloud IoT products of Alibaba.

The Joint Edge Computing Platform leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence to transform data at the edge into business-valuable insights. The tool itself is fairly flexible and can be tailored to specific industries.

For its Cloud IoT part, Alibaba is heavily invested, with recent news coming out that the company is building its own chip factory, focused on creating customised AI chips and embedded processors.

The two companies are also forming the Apsara Stack Industry Alliance, a cloud service stack which offers big data, middleware, security and IaaS.

This November, during Single’s Day (November 11), Alibaba will test the next-gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the Optane DC persistent memory.

“Alibaba’s highly innovative data-centric computing infrastructure supported by Intel technology enables real-time insight for customers from the cloud to the edge”, said Navin Shenoy, Intel executive vice president and general manager of the Data Center Group.

“Our close collaboration with Alibaba from silicon to software to market adoption enables customers to benefit from a broad set of workload-optimized solutions.”

Image Credit: Michael Moore