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Intel announces new autonomous driving technology group

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After announcing that it would supply Mobileye and Delphi with chips to power their autonomous driving systems, Intel has announced that it has created a new group that will focus solely on designing self-driving solutions.

Intel's Automated Driving Group (ADG) will be led by Doug Davis who will move from its Internet of Things (IoT) group to act as senior vice president and strategic lead. Kathy Winter from Delphi will work under Davis, handling day-to-day operations and will act as the VP and GM of the new group.

Intel is betting big on autonomous driving and the creation of ADG - along with its recent $250 million investment through Intel Capital - show how much potential the company sees in this emerging technology. The recent deal to supply chips to Mobileye and Delphi is a further sign that the company is trying to establish a foothold in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies.

The partnership with Intel and Mobileye and Delphi will begin with the chipmaker supplying the two firms with its Core i7 Processors for use in their platforms. However, the company is planning to replace these chips with a powerful new processor that will likely be revealed in the coming weeks or possibly at CES in January.

Intel is not going to abandon its current clients in the automotive business which include BWM, Daimler, Hyundai, Toyota, Tesla and others as a result of establishing ADG. Instead the new group will also work on developing driver assist technologies that it will provide to other automotive companies.

Intel explained its reasoning behind creating ADG in a statement, saying: “Automated driving is long term growth opportunity for Intel. We believe there is an incredible opportunity to reinvent the driving experience and it will take a global ecosystem for this vision to come to fruition.

"The new ADG organisation will provide the necessary focus and support for our long-term investments needed for our strategic automated driving endeavours.”

Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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