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Intel announces new drone system, Intel Falcon 8+

Intel is continuing its quest to conquer the unmanned vehicle industry by releasing a new drone. This time, Intel’s first, it is a commercial solution. Named Intel Falcon 8+ system, the company says it is the best performing device in the market, and has the best weight-to-load ratio. It praises the machine, saying it's the most stable in harsh conditions, offers easily exchangeable and deeply integrated payloads.  

It is also ‘best-in-class’ when it comes to safety and has high-precision GPS. One of the world’s largest drone reseller and support networks will offer its support for the Falcon 8+ System. All of this was written by Intel’s SVP and GM of the New Technology Group, Josh Walden, in a blog post which you can find here.  Besides the drone itself, the solution also comes with Intel Cockpit for ground control and the Intel Powerpack to power the drone.  

“Drones are an important computing platform for the future, and Intel is positioning itself at the forefront of this opportunity to provide the compute, sensor, communications and cloud integration for the growing drone ecosystem,” he wrote in a blog post. 

The Intel Falcon 8+ system comes with full electronic system redundancy and automated aerial-sensing solutions. It is powered with the triple-redundant AscTec Trinity autopilot, and provides millimetre-precise detailed images. These can help users detect and prevent damage to infrastructure.  

“Operators will have tremendous opportunities to generate valuable aerial precision data,” he concluded.  

Image Credit: Intel