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Intel brings 5G technology to power 2018 Winter Olympics

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Intel has revealed it is one step closer to launching 5G technology with a new partnership with Korea Telecom.

The technology giant has said that it will be bringing its 5G mobile trial platform to the 2018 Winter Olympics, held in the South Korean town of Pyeongchang.

Intel will work with local provider Korea Telecom to launch the network, giving attendees at the games access to superfast mobile broadband within the the Gangneung Olympic Park, as well as several other Olympic venues.

The company will contribute its hardware to power both core and edge computing capabilities at the venues, along with 5G technologies to power the next-generation networks.

"Our joint activations will give visitors a unique opportunity to experience 5G technologies. And they will highlight Intel's unique 5G strengths across the network, client, and cloud," said Sandra Rivera, senior VP of Intel's Network Platforms Group.

"During the games' window, KT will deliver the first broad-scale 5G network paired with Intel 5G technologies that will enable a series of immersive onsite 5G-powered experiences."

Korea Telecom, which previously showed off 5G-ready networks earlier this year, will provide a wireless network that is able to support 250,000 devices at the same time, backed up with 5,000 wireless access points and 35,000 wired lines.

It says that the new networks will allow for a range of new use cases, including the streaming of ultra-high definition video using 5G antennas, and so-called ‘5G security’ that can support areas such as facial recognition technology.

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