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Intel makes it easier to get AI in your product

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In an effort to accelerate AI adoption and implementation by small businesses and entrepreneurs, Intel (opens in new tab) has unveiled a new program to accelerate the process of bringing AI prototypes to market. 

The company's new “AI: In Production” program aid developers looking to integrate its Movidius Neural Compute Stick (opens in new tab) (NCS) into their product designs.     

To simplify the process of bringing an AI prototype (opens in new tab) into production, Intel chose AAEON Technologies as its first partner in the new program and the company offers developers two streamlined production paths. 

The first involves utilising the AI Core from AAEON's UP Bridge the Gap.  This mini-PCIe module contains a Myriad 2 VPU that is compatible with a wide rang X86 host platforms and delivers the low-power and high-performance of Intel's deep neural networks accelerator.  The core is also compatible with the Neural Compute SDK software suite that is already being used by thousands of companies and machine learning developers around the world. 

AAEON also offers development and board manufacturing services for companies that require additional customisation.  This allows companies to easily make the move from Neural Compute Stick-based prototypes to their own custom boards.

Vice President and Managing Director of AAEON Technology Europe, Fabrizio Del Maffeo explained how AI Core helps businesses bring their AI prototypes to the production stage, saying: 

“Intel Movidius Myriad 2 technology makes AI Core one of the most powerful and versatile AI hardware accelerators for edge computing. AI Core bridges the gap between the lab and volume production, allowing the innovators who adopted the Intel Neural Compute Stick to roll out a field deployment.”   

Building and deploying AI projects is a top priority for many companies (opens in new tab) and Intel's new program allows them to do so in a simplified and streamlined manner. 

Image Credit: StockStudio / Shutterstock

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