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Intel releases Unite collaboration tool

(Image credit: Image Credit: StockStudio / Shutterstock)

Intel recently announced the launch of the new Intel Unite, a wireless meeting platform that works regardless of the device employees are using at any given moment. Intel Unite comes with a bunch of new features and capabilities, including analytics, extended support for more devices, extra features and more control for IT professionals. 

“Using Intel Unite software on Intel’s Core vPro platform not only increases employee productivity, but delivers security and manageability features to drive peace of mind for my IT team deploying the solution. We’re finding that Intel Unite is easy to use, manage and has saved us significant time,” commented Adolfo San Martin from Acciona.

First up is the Advanced Analytics. With the help of the new telemetry plug in, IT pros can track usage, including how often meeting spaces are utilised, for how long they’re used, and in which state is the technology used at those meetings. Besides Windows and Mac OS X, Intel Unite is now also available on iPads and Androids, with Chromebook support ‘not far behind’.

Meeting Control now offers more control for meeting administrators. Different permissions can be set up, which is essential for, for example, classrooms. In terms of security, aside from the already available Rotating PIN, Intel Unite now offers Static PIN, as well.

More details about the new product can be found on this link.  

Image Credit: StockStudio / Shutterstock