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Intel to go 'non-traditional' in search of CEO

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock)

Intel may be preparing to go for a 'non-traditional' candidate for its vacant CEO role, according to reports. And by 'non-traditional', they mean someone from outside the company. 

It seems as the chipmaking giant has started thinking of such a move given that in six months' time, it is yet to appoint someone to the top job.

It's not that Intel wasn't trying. As Bloomberg puts it, Intel “ruled out some candidates, passed up obvious ones, been rejected by some and decided to go back and re-interview others.”

Bob Swan, Intel’s chief financial officer, is currently filling the shoes of the CEO, albeit temporarily, and has recently stated that he has no intention of permanently staying in the position.

Former Intel CEO Brian Krzanich had held the post for 21 years before forced to quit after he was found to have had an extramarital affair with an employee.

Bloomberg also says that there are a couple of “strong female candidates” which would, if it were to happen, be a rare occasion in the industry.

Whoever takes up the mantle of CEO, will have a difficult task to do. Intel has lost its leadership position in manufacturing, and convincing investors that this won’t affect the company bottom line is going to be quite the endeavor.

Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock