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Intel: Why you need to get modern, and get secure, to ensure business success

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As businesses of all sizes evolve to a the rapidly digital workplace, the need for reliable and secure hardware to support this is higher than ever before.

Intel has long been a common sight in offices all around the world, and the company is now hoping that its latest vPro hardware platforms continue this trend.

ITProPortal met with Stephanie Hallford, Intel’s new VP client computing group and GM, business client platforms, who highlighted how security and productivity are at the head of all the company’s latest releases.

"The number one way to protect yourself is to get modern,” she says, “get the latest hardware and software."

"Pain points are changing fast (but) technology is the key to solving all of that.”

Intel’s latest 8th Gen release, unveiled back at CES in January, offers business customers a range of powerful, secure options, Hallford says - boosting the potential of the vPro platform even further.

“(vPro) is really built for business,” she notes, “it's more than just a processor - it's a platform. We've pulled together the highest specs, the highest features, exactly targeted towards what we think businesses by the time it gets out the door, it's the best for business platform."

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Hallford also noted that business needs are changing as employees look to work more flexibly, and highlighted how Intel’s vPro offerings can benefit this.

But this changing ecosystem also requires top-notch security, with businesses of all sizes facing more threats today than ever before. 

Given the high-profile cyber-attacks and breaches occurring in recent months, the need for robust security protection is greater than ever. But Hallford notes that security concerns can actually offer, “a huge opportunity” for Intel, which can cut through the noise to offer a reliable, secure solution for its customers.

She says that security is "a number one focus for us in the company...we spend a great deal of time and energy to make it a great foundation for business.”

"Customers don't want bits and pieces of a quilt, they want us to help patch a quilt of solutions's hard to be out there, it's a noisy world with a lot of security solutions."

“But the reality is, this is a new normal...businesses will have to compete with security threats from now out. The new normal is scary - it's a cybersecurity, threatening world. It's not if, but when, you will have some kind of breach." 

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