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Intel's 7th generation CPUs are coming to desktop PCs

Portable computers might be the hottest thing nowadays, but desktops are still important for many people, and Intel knows. The company recently announced a new series of processors, aimed at desktop computers – the S-series. 

There's also the H-series for performance laptopts and mobile workstations, Y-series for ultra-thin machines, and the U-series for ultraportables.  As one might expect from new processors, these chips are expected to be faster, and consume less energy. Intel is comparing its latest S-series i7-7700K CPU, to the old i7-4770K, saying it's 25 per cent faster. It's worth noting that i7-4770K is actually three generations old, so it's safe to say the difference between the new CPU and the last generation will probably not be that big. 

One of the key selling points for the new CPU is the ability to "create, share and stitch" 4K 360-degree videos 35 percent faster than the 4770K. Not everyone is still into 360-degree video, but perhaps Intel is sniffing on a trend and wants to be the first to tap into it. Another CPU from the series, worth mentioning, is the i7-7700K, which will cost approximately £276 ($339). 

It will run at 4.2GHz, with the option of boosting it up to 4.5GHz. It will come with four cores and eight threads, and comes with Intel HD 630 graphics. The full list of Intel’s new chips is available on this link, and it’s worth sniffing through. There are some sweet processors in there.       

Image Credit: StockStudio / Shutterstock