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IoT and malware top the worries list for industrial tech firms

(Image credit: Image Credit: Jefferrb / Pixabay)

Industrial players, like power plants, manufacturers or water treatment centres, are embracing IoT at a great pace, but failing to consider security issues, new research has said.

A report by Kaspersky Lab has claimed that while these types of organisations turn more towards IoT, they’re not doing enough to protect these investments, which makes them a sitting duck for cybercriminals.

Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of companies believe that ICS security risks are more likely with IoT. The report also states that they are investing in security for their IT networks, but are ‘leaving the doors to their operational technology wide open’.

This makes ransomware and malware attacks a reality.

The report also says that more than three quarters (77 per cent) of companies believe their organisation is likely to become the target of a cybersecurity incident involving their industrial control networks. Just above half (51 per cent) said they didn’t have a cybersecurity incident in the last year. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen – the report seems to suggest that IT managers might be unaware of incidents happening in their industrial control systems.

“In today’s digital age, it’s more important, now than ever before, for businesses to realise the true value of cybersecurity. Many organisations are adopting digital trends such as cloud and IoT to improve efficiencies – and it’s positive to see that an increasing amount of firms are also improving their cybersecurity strategies,” says Adam Maskatiya, General Manager for Kaspersky Lab UK.

“This includes dedicated measures for safeguarding industrial control networks - a particularly crucial aspect for businesses to protect. However, technology is evolving all the time, which means that businesses need to keep up with the rapidly evolving pace of digitalisation. This includes updating incident response programs to cover specific ICS actions and continuing to use dedicated cybersecurity solutions to help meet the challenge.”

Image Credit: Jefferrb / Pixabay

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