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IoT devices could be the biggest security danger around

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IoT devices could be the biggest security danger around, sooner rather than later. This is according to a new report from GlobalData, which claims that the number of IoT devices grows at breakneck speeds, all the while being plagued by the same old security flaws.

According to GlobalData, the world will have some 40 billion connected IoT devices by the time we hit 2025. At the same time, these devices won’t be any harder to crack as they are today. And today – they’re not that hard to crack.

"Security in IoT devices has repeatedly been shown to be lacking: from a vulnerable child location-tracking watch to office printers at risk to Russian cyberattacks,” commented Rob Scammell, Technology reporter at GlobalData.

He argues that owners often forget (or can’t be bothered) to change the default factory password, which is very weak and easily cracked.

“In the race to get products to market ahead of competitors, security is also often an afterthought,” he adds.

So the combination of an increase in IoT devices and poor security represents a “perfect storm” for cyberattacks. For cybersecurity expert Mikko Hyppönen, the proliferation of “stupid” internet-connected smart devices will be the “IT asbestos of the future.”

“Asbestos was such a great innovation. It looked like a miracle material, originally,” explained Hyppönen, F-Secure’s chief research officer. “Such a great innovation, which then decades later turned out to be the worst innovation.

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Sead Fadilpašić

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