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iPhone could soon serve as a hotel room key card

(Image credit: Image Credit: / Pexels)

Soon enough you might be opening your hotel room, or your car with your iPhone. The media are reporting that Apple is considering giving full access to iPhone's NFC chips to third party developers, which would open up many new possibilities for iPhone owners.

Some of these possibilities can include using the iPhone instead of your hotel room card, or using the phone as a virtual transit card.

This isn't *that* new, as the NFC chips have been present in Apple's devices for quite some time now. However, the problem so far was that the devices were somewhat limited, and what Apple is toying with here looks to be much more sophisticated.

The media are saying the company has been working with HID Global to make this idea a reality, and it's been in the works for roughly four years now.

Most probably, the new feature would debut on Apple's next mobile operating system, the iOS 12.

More details are expected early next month, when its WWDC kicks off.

The Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled to take place from June 4 to 8, in San Jose Convention Centre in California.

However, once the feature does get its release, even older phones will be able to easily use it, by simply downloading a software update.

Image Credit:  / Pexels