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Is AI being held back by a lack of focus?

(Image credit: Shutterstock/Mopic)

Businesses in Europe are failing to commit a full strategic focus when it comes to their artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, and that just might cost them their business. What’s even worse, they all know and understand the potential and the benefits they could reap from employing the new technology.

This is according to a newly released report by Fujitsu, based on a poll of 240 companies in different industries. It says that every fourth company surveyed saw AI as strategically important. One in ten (11 per cent) had an AI strategy set up.

For manufacturers, 75 per cent of them, predictive maintenance is the biggest advantage AI has to offer. Another important advantage is the ability to increase the adaptability of the manufacturing process to new products, as well as to improve production efficiency.

But adopting AI isn’t as easy. There are legal and compliance issues, as well as the general lack of availability of AI within solutions. There’s also internal culture.

“It looks as if AI is currently being driven by functional needs, with a clear understanding of the benefits on offer and initiatives well underway across Europe,” says Dr David Snelling, distinguished engineer and program director artificial intelligence, CTO Office at Fujitsu EMEIA.

“We believe there is currently an over-emphasis on optimisation, which is driven by a need to prove that AI is leading to better business outcomes. By failing to take a strategic approach, changing internal culture and removing bottlenecks, companies are missing out on opportunities to deploy game-changing apps that radically improve the customer experience and can drive a new paradigm of exciting business opportunities.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Mopic