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Is 'digital deadlock' stopping your company's digital transformation?

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Businesses are being prevented from becoming truly digital by a number of technological hurdles, new research has revealed.

A so-called "digital deadlock" is preventing many companies from fully realising their digital transformation goals, according to a new study by Targus.

Speaking to 150 IT decision-makers across the UK, the company found that many digital transformation projects are stalling due to a number of blockers, including challenges around mobile working and updating workplace technology.

This even includes the working environment itself, with 58 per cent of those interviewed admitting to changing their working environment in an effort to boost productivity levels.

Implementing new technologies or hardware proved to be another major sticking point, with the use of items such as docking stations and  mobile working-enabled tools demanded by many workers to allow them to be flexible. 

Overall, though, the appetite for digital transformation appears high among UK firms, with the study finding that 94 per cent of UK organisations are either planning, about to start or currently undergoing their evolution, and a further five per cent claim to have already ‘completed’ digital transformation.

Four in five (77 per cent) of IT managers said they had received complaints relating to missing or unavailable accessories, with nearly two thirds (61 per cent) making changes to the accessories they offer in order to facilitate greater collaboration, as well as more than half (59 per cent) seeking to adapt to new technology changes.

“The findings of this study showcase a clear relationship between getting the right workplace tools in place and improved productivity and employee engagement," said Marcus Harvey, regional director of commercial business EMEA at Targus.

“Yet, getting to this point requires leadership and team consultation. Despite technology being the driver behind digital transformation, people are the true agents of change, so making sure they are engaged and bought into the vision behind such moves is critical to improving the working environment."

Michael Moore
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