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(ISC)² and Coursera to offer on-demand cybersecurity training

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The international non-profit membership association for IT security professionals, (ISC)² has announced that it will partner with Coursera (opens in new tab) to offer accessible cybersecurity training on its popular online education program. 

The two organisations will work together to provide aspiring IT Professionals with self-paced Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) training all over the world. 

(ISC)²'s CEO David Shearer explained how its partnership with Coursera will help meet the growing global demand for cybersecurity professionals, saying:

“Making security training easily attainable to those who might not otherwise have access allows them to proactively build their professional careers and master the expertise employers most need to conquer today’s cybersecurity challenges. By offering multiple learning options for cybersecurity practitioners, (ISC)² is helping to meet the demand for skilled cybersecurity personnel.”

Coursera's online courses and certification programs are allowing people to improve their digital skills to land new jobs or take on more specialised roles at their current organisation.  The flexibility of the platform also really appeals to those with busy lives who may not have the time to attend a traditional certification program. 

Coursera's CEO Jeff Maggioncalda highlighted the benefits of the company's online education platform, saying: 

“These days, learning valuable career skills doesn’t need to happen in a classroom or an in-person training seminar – it can happen online with platforms like Coursera during your commute or after putting the kids to sleep. We see an increasing demand on Coursera for cybersecurity certifications and are excited to make the (ISC)² SSCP certificate available to anyone, anywhere in the world.” 

The SSCP certificate is an excellent choice for IT professionals tasked with securing their organisation from ever evolving cyber threats and increased regulations. Coursera also recently announced its new Google IT Support Professional Certificate (opens in new tab) that will allow those with little to no background in IT to obtain an entry-level job in the field that could be the start of their journey as an IT professional. 

Those interested in beginning a new career in cybersecurity or just improving their current skills can find more information on Coursera's SSCP training (opens in new tab) on its website. 

Image Credit: Bbernard / Shutterstock

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