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IT could be the key to helping your business go green

(Image credit: Image Credit: Moon Light PhotoStudio / Shutterstock)

If your business is looking to go green(er), technology might offer a way forward. A new report from the IT monitoring specialist Paessler AG has found that many organizations are turning to technology for sustainability, with IT playing a major role.

According to the report, there are four key ways technology can help an organization’s sustainability efforts: using only necessary hardware, using smart building technology (IoT) to minimize energy usage, moving key infrastructure to the cloud and using renewable energy providers.

The report further claims that more than a third (37 percent) of IT teams have already started making some of these changes, even though for many (27 percent) this isn’t a priority. The need to remain operational during the pandemic might provide some explanation for this lax attitude, Paessler suggests. 

Still, energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental concerns are high on every IT team’s agenda. For 80 percent, sustainability is very important to their overall business agenda, an idea most pronounced in France (40 percent), Canada (39 percent) and the UK/US (37 percent).

For Martin Hodgson, Country Manager UK and Ireland at Paessler AG, businesses can move forward with their sustainability initiatives faster with solid monitoring. 

“Monitoring can play an important role in making key decisions about energy usage and where to make improvements,” he said. “By having greater visibility of where resources are being overused or under-optimized, we can help companies identify opportunities to improve their carbon footprint.”