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IT employees strike the best work-life balance

(Image credit: Image Credit: GaudiLab / Shutterstock)

Workers in the IT industry reportedly enjoy the best work-life balance, career opportunities, compensations and benefits, and highest levels of diversity and inclusion.

This is according to a new report from PR agency Reboot Digital, which analyzed data from the company review site Glassdoor, and sorted 17 employment sectors based on work-life balance opportunities. In total, more than 32,000 companies were analyzed for the report.

Reboot found that companies that focus on the internet, computer hardware and software, and enterprise software and network solutions scored an average 3.95/5 for employee work-life balance.

The IT industry is closely followed by Business Services (3.78), which includes consulting, staffing and outsourcing, and architectural and engineering services, while Education (3.77) rounds off the top three. And at the bottom of the list is the Consumer Services sector, scoring 3.63.

According to Reboot Digital PR’s Office & Wellness Coordinator, Chloé Cobey-Mead, there are a number of strategies workers can use to maintain a healthy work-life balance. These include setting clear working hours, not checking work emails during the weekend, designing the home working space to improve productivity, and not pushing yourself to the point of burnout.