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IT firms are willing to spend more to be sustainable

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When it comes to picking the right technology vendors, enterprise IT decision-makers are increasingly driven by their "green conscience”. This is according to a new report from CloudBolt Industry Insights, the research arm of cloud management provider CloudBolt.

Polling 250 technology leaders worldwide, the company found that cost and compute are no longer the only motivators behind a technology purchase; sustainability has managed to elbow its way into the mix too. Most respondents (78 percent) are aware that their day-to-day activities in both public and private clouds can materially affect the environment, the report added.

As it is right now, sustainability is a top-down mandate for more than two-thirds (68 percent) and 79 percent of respondents are responsible for helping their organization achieve certain sustainability goals. 

In practice, this means IT teams are happy to pay a little extra to work with vendors that have solid sustainability practices. The report states that 79 percent would pay a premium to vendors that include sustainability into their business models, with 27 percent happily paying up to 10 percent more and more than a third (35 percent) will to pay as much as 15 percent extra.

According to CloudBolt’s report, having solid sustainability practices means, among other things, getting shadow IT under control, continuously optimizing cloud costs, as well as improving the reliability of continuous infrastructure/continuous deployment.

Right now, nearly 40 percent of IT spending goes on shadow IT, while only 11 percent of enterprises consider their continuous infrastructure/continuous deployment (CI/CD) reliable. Unreliable infrastructure, the report concludes, leads to failed CI/CD pipelines and process restarts.

Sead Fadilpašić

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