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IT has outgrown corporate networks, SolarWinds says

Employees are connecting more devices (and a more diverse set of devices) to the corporate network than they did ten years ago, a new study by SolarWinds says. The study, entitled IT is Everywhere, was released for IT Professionals Day, and shows how the IT realm outgrew the borders of company-owned devices and on-premises technology. 

Besides connecting a more diverse set of devices, it was also said that the technology people use is mostly outside company infrastructure (for example, cloud-based apps). What’s funny is that employees still consider IT responsible for the technology’s performance, even if they use one that’s beyond the corporate infrastructure.   

“The importance of technology and the IT professionals who support it is a well-known fact of business success,” said Joseph Kim, senior vice president and chief technology officer, SolarWinds.  

“So, to celebrate the second annual IT Professionals Day, we want to draw attention to the mounting responsibility being placed on IT professionals to manage an ever-expanding array of technologies—both those owned by businesses and those beyond, such as end user-owned devices and cloud applications provided by third-party vendors.”  

“Our surveys reveal that more than ever, end users are connecting more devices, including those personally-owned, to corporate networks; relying on cloud-based applications; and working outside the four walls of traditional offices. These are all trends that take direct control out of the hands of IT departments, yet as the surveys also demonstrate, the demands on IT professionals to support and ensure the performance of related technologies are just as high.” 

The full IT is Everywhere survey can be found on this link.

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