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IT is helping the manufacturing sector reach new heights

(Image credit: Image Credit: Firma V / Shutterstock)

IT infrastructure is critical to any organization hoping to innovate, create and be more productive. According to a new report from Riverbed Technology, when IT infrastructure is limited, these three factors are inhibited “enormously”.

For business decision makers in the manufacturing sector, IT investment is the most important business objective at the moment, with 35 percent prioritizing digital transformation.

IT expansion in manufacturing is also currently considered more important than traditional corporate operations such as financial rationalization, the report claims.

While a significant portion of decision makers (39 percent) explained they have pushed digital transformation in their companies “to the greatest possible extent”, more than half are still only part-way through the journey.

Almost all IT decision makers in the industry see well-functioning infrastructure as hugely important in terms of creativity, innovation and productivity - more than their fellow executives.

At the same time, 94 percent of IT managers say that limitations of these three factors costs organizations a lot of money.

"In the coming months and years, as manufacturing returns to a ‘new normal’ way of working, companies will have to invest even more in technology to fully implement digital transformation," said Colette Kitterhing, Senior Director UK&I at Riverbed Technology.

“With remote working expected to continue and an overall shift towards a more distributed workforce as a result of the pandemic, the performance of corporate networks is also becoming increasingly important for those sectors where the focus has so far been on the automation of equipment rather than their IT infrastructure. However, the convergence of manufacturing plants and IT is creating new challenges, and the opportunities offered by digitalization are being fully exploited.”