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IT issues creating workplace "black hole"

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible)

Digitalising your office brings many benefits, but it also comes with a $5 billion caveat. Capita’s new report says that there is a ‘productivity black hole’ in the UK, where IT troubles swallow away countless hours from workers all over the country, lowering earnings and increasing expenses.

The State of IT – The Employee Verdict report says half of UK’s workers lose 1.2 hours a month, on average, fixing IT issues. Despite all of them (95 per cent) having issues at work, just two thirds (65 per cent) reached out to IT support for assistance.

The report says that businesses are out there creating digital workplaces, oblivious to the obvious disconnect – more than a third of workers in the UK don’t have a good IT experience.

In order to make digital transformation a true success, businesses need to educate their employees, teach them different tech skills. Also, they should improve the quality of their IT support, the report concludes. Another big issue is the fact that businesses rarely ask their employees to give feedback on their IT experience. Of those that had been asked – they say it happens once a quarter.

Joe Hemming, executive officer, Capita IT & Networks, said: “These findings really push workplace IT to the top of the agenda. Just imagine how much more productive UK enterprises could be if they could close this £4 billion black hole. As it stands, they are not even aware that it exists. Organisations cannot expect their workforce to be productive without providing them with the IT experience they need to do their job effectively.

 “As digitalisation continues to impact our home and work lives, and as employees become increasingly IT literate, introducing and promoting the use of self-service tools will make it possible to resolve issues as quickly and accurately as possible.”

Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible