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IT issues greatly hindering British worker productivity

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British workers are suffering major delays due to a myriad of workplace IT issues, according to new research.

A nationwide survey from Citrix found that nine out of ten (89 per cent) employees are being left waiting to get work done every day due to problems with technology in the office.

The issues are so prevalent in some firms that nearly one in four employees (23 per cent) waste between three and six hours each week due to technology problems. On average, workers were left waiting for 2.03 hours each week – wasting the equivalent of 12.8 working days over the course of 2017.

Citrix claims that if such problems could be solved, the average British employee would be able to sign off work for the Christmas holidays today (December 11th) - two weeks early.

Having their screens or documents freeze was the most common problem encountered by the 1,110 workers surveyed, being named by 30 per cent of all respondents, closely followed by server connectivity issues (28 per cent), a computer or device crashing (27 per cent) and waiting for the ‘wheel of death’ (23 per cent).

“Many employees don’t have specialist expertise in network infrastructure, audio visual mechanics and IT support. Improving the technology that underpins office processes means that teams can focus on the important things in life: being more productive at work, spending more time with friends and family – and maybe even sleeping longer," said Michelle Senecal de Fonseca, area VP for Northern Europe, Citrix.

“All businesses are competing fiercely for talent. Quite simply, it’s those that have the easiest technology – and take time to make those micro IT changes to boost productivity – that will reap the benefits, attracting the best people to their company in the first place.”

Michael Moore
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