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IT professionals aren't confident they can keep users’ data safe

(Image credit: Future)

IT departments from organisations in western countries have very little confidence that they can keep their users’ data secure. This is according to a new report by BlackBerry, released after polling 500 financial services IT pros in six countries in the West.

Out of those 500, 94 per cent don’t believe they can keep their user data safe and secure.

The report says that businesses need to identify user needs and secure them, because users will continue doing what they’re doing, secure or not. It claims there is a ‘false dichotomy’ at play, and that productivity and security aren’t going head to head. There is no reason for organisations to sacrifice security for productivity and vice-versa.

Almost six in ten (59 per cent) of IT pros feel their employees must work around corporate policies to get their jobs done.

One of the biggest concerns for IT pros is the use of file sharing repositories. They do not secure the files, and once they leave the organisation, they’re virtually untraceable and its spread cannot be contained or monitored. And since GDPR came into effect, this problem has only grown bigger.

For most financial institutions, gaps in security and file sharing has led to a data breach. Most of the victims experienced losses in productivity, penalties for failure to comply, as well as having their competition get their hands on their vital data.