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IT professionals 'lack confidence in ability to deliver digital services during a crisis'

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IT professionals don’t believe they can deliver digital services of sufficient quality during times of crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report from LogicMonitor.

Based on a poll of 500 IT decision makers, the report states that more than half of businesses that sent employees to work from home experienced initial IT disruptions or software outages - including critical productivity and collaboration tools.

The majority (70 percent) said it was difficult to adapt to the new responsibility of supporting and maintaining a remote workforce, with security and stability their biggest challenges.

Further, IT teams are struggling to deal with outages remotely, on top of the increase in network usage, all of which makes delivering a seamless digital experience challenging.

As a way to tackle the issue, many IT teams are turning to automation. Virtually all respondents (93 percent) said it allows them and their teams to focus on more strategic tasks and initiatives.

On the upside, Covid-19 is also accelerating cloud adoption at a “dramatic” rate. Before the outbreak of the virus, IT professionals said two thirds of their workloads were in the cloud. Today, that figure has rocketed to 78 percent.

“Maintaining business continuity is both more difficult and more important than ever in the era of Covid-19,” said Kevin McGibben, CEO and President at LogicMonitor.

“IT teams are being asked to do whatever it takes – from accelerating digital transformation plans to expanding cloud services – to keep people connected and businesses running as many offices and storefronts pause in-person operations. Our research confirms that the time is now for modern enterprises to build automation into their IT systems and shift workloads to the cloud to safeguard IT resiliency.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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