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IT pros not confident in their firm's incident response plans

IT professionals aren’t really confident about their organisation’s security incidents response plans, according to a new survey by the CNS Group. The independent UK cybersecurity consultancy has surveyed IT professionals during the IP Expo 2016, and published the results in the Incident Response Survey. It says that 26 per cent of IT pros were either ‘fairly unconfident’, or ‘not very confident’ in their organisation’s security incidents response plans.  

Still, they know how impactful a breach is, listing reputational damage (56 per cent), loss of system availability (13 per cent), compliance issues (11 per cent), loss of IP (nine per cent) and remediation costs (nine per cent) as the main challenges.  

The company decided to open up a helpline for companies suffering a breach. The helpline’s goal is to provide speedy help, including practical remediation advice and best practices for breach prevention. The service will be available to anyone that signs up to the CNS Group CERT service. 

“If the worst happens we are here to help organisations get back to business as usual as quickly and painlessly as possible. But just waiting for a breach to happen is not good enough. This survey shows the importance of taking a proactive approach to cyber security,” said Shannon Simpson, CEO, CNS Group. 

“Having a dedicated response team, able to provide 24/7 support gives organisations greater assurance and reduces the time and money they need to spend securing their networks.” For those interested in getting access to their own dedicated CNS Cyber Rescue Line, go here

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