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IT teams fearful of their organization suffering a data breach

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje)

Nearly all IT professionals have experienced a data breach in their career, a new report from data discovery software provider Exonar argues. 

Polling 500 IT pros for the report, Exonar also claims that four in five expect their current employers to be next in line to get hacked. In most cases, IT pros fear either employee data breaches or external attacks from cybercriminals. One in five are also fearful of ransomware and malware attacks.

Looking at how businesses get breached, most of the time it is employees making a mess while using communication or collaboration tools. In most cases (51 percent) attacks occur through Gmail, Outlook or a similar external email service. For 42 percent, Slack and Dropbox were points of entry, while 41 percent listed SMS and other messaging services. Just six percent said they had never knowingly experienced a breach.

For IT pros, the biggest challenge to keeping an organization safe is to have full visibility across the data estate. However, just four in ten are actively working on it.

 “In simply performing their jobs, employees can unintentionally be the source of a data breach – by leaving high-risk information unprotected in the wrong place. It’s the responsibility of the company to provide the right methodology, technology, and processes that enable the workforce to continue to operate without burdening teams with undue process,” commented Exonar CEO, Danny Reeves.

“These days, every company is a data company, and large organizations often have thousands of systems and storage facilities. Unless companies are actively taking steps to know and understand their data, they’re leaving themselves vulnerable.”