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IT teams still suffering under an increased workload

(Image credit: Image Credit: MK photograp55 / Shutterstock)

When the pandemic first hit and businesses sent their employees to work remotely, a lot of pressure was placed on IT staff. More than a year into the pandemic, IT departments are still feeling the heat.

According to a new report from SaaS provider AvePoint, based on a poll of 200 UK businesses, nearly half (48 percent) of IT teams find it can take days to launch digital workspaces such as Microsoft Teams or SharePoint.

This delay could result in low adoption and shadow IT, it was said, which is why the biggest challenge for 56 percent of organizations is to alleviate some of the burden on IT.

The shift to remote working caught most organizations off guard, the report states, with three quarters (75 percent) of organizations deploying Microsoft Teams without proper governance or security in place.

Regardless, almost all believe they are compliant with both internal and external regulations, while only seven percent said they weren’t fully confident in the security of their digital collaboration deployment.

Consequently, only about a quarter regularly do governance, compliance and security checks. Just 28 percent, meanwhile, check the settings and membership of Microsoft Teams for potential risks at least once a year and just a quarter remove guest users.