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Kaspersky ends all EU work following ban

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Following an EU statement that referred to its security software as malicious, Kaspersky has frozen all cyber security collaborations with European agencies and organisations.

A recently released EU cyber security report called for a comprehensive review of all IT software, infrastructure and equipment used by member states in order to halt the unprecedented threat of politically motivated, state-sponsored cyber attacks.

A proposal in the report that was adopted on June 13 also called for a ban on software products that have been confirmed as malicious. Kaspersky Lab was the only security company mentioned specifically by name in the report.

The EU's motion is following in the steps of the US, which has banned all Kaspersky products from use within government offices over the firm's alleged ties to the Russian government.

Kaspersky Lab responded to the accusation by calling it untrue and saying that it showed a distinct lack of respect after the company has spent 20 years protecting the EU from cyber threats. The company's CEO Eugene Kaspersky then announced that it would halt all collaborative efforts with EU cyber crime agencies via Twitter, saying:

"We have protected the EU for 20 years working with law enforcement leading to multiple arrests of cybercriminals. Based upon today's decision from the EU Parliament, we are forced to freeze our cooperation with orgs including @Europol & #NoMoreRansom.”

Eugene Kaspersky went on to argue that the EU's stance helped to encourage cyber crime across its member states and that the company would not work alongside EU cyber crime agencies until the motion is withdrawn.

The feud between the EU and Kaspersky comes just a month after the company announced it would move user data from Russia to Switzerland to increase transparency. 

Image Credit: Alexxsun

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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