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Kaspersky Lab detects 42 million attacks on smartphones

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Smartphones now play a key role in business with employees in every fifth enterprise accessing corporate intellectual property using their personal mobile devices and tablets. However, as workforce mobility increases so to does the risk of cyberthreats and last year Kaspersky Lab identified 42m attack attempts on mobile devices.

Today's businesses need to not only manage corporate mobility but also to ensure that devices and the sensitive data stored on them are secured from advanced threats in real time. This is why Kaspersky Lab has updated its mobile threat defence solution on Android and iOS devices, Kaspersky Security for Mobile.

While MDM and EMM solutions provide organisations with the ability to control the access to corporate documents and to manage device configurations, these solutions cannot defend against advanced threats such as cyberespionage apps that are used to collect and send corporate information from devices to criminals.

This is why Kaspersky Lab has reinvented Kaspersky Security for Mobile which now combines protection against malware with security management of all connected mobile devices. The firm's mobile security solution can also integrate with third party EMM-platforms such as VMware AirWatch and MobileIron to provide even greater protection.

Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, David EMM explained how growing cyber threats are making it harder for organisations to manage employee devices, saying:

“The growing use of BYOD at work helps increase efficiency and flexibility when it comes to remote working – but it also presents a growing threat vector. The rising amount of malicious traffic, illegitimate mobile applications and vulnerabilities in software, combined with the human factor, is making mobile management and protection an increasingly difficult challenge for businesses to address. Every company should have its own protection strategy, in line with its mobile use policy. This will allow an organisation to manage security on each of its devices, and thus across the entire workplace.” 

The updated version of Kaspersky Security for Mobile is available now.

Image Credit: Nito / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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