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Kaspersky Lab US ban appeal thrown out

(Image credit: Image Credit: Alexxsun)

Kaspersky Lab’s products will remain banned from US government machines after the company's appeal against its shutout was rejected.

Late last week, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia Circuit confirmed that the Binding Operative Directive (BOD 17-01) and the Congressional National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which essentially ban Kaspersky Lab products from government devices, do not go against the US constitution’s fifth amendment, as claimed by the company.

The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky is disappointed, but still an optimist.

“The DC Circuit Court’s decision is disappointing, but the events of the past year that culminated in this decision were almost expected, and not just by our company, but by the cybersecurity industry in general,” he wrote in a blog post.

“We’re sure that the issues involved in our litigation go far beyond technical aspects of US constitutional law; they include real-world problems concerning everyone: a progression of protectionism and balkanization in a world of understated cyber-rivalry and highly sophisticated international cyber threats.”

Kaspersky said his company will not stop “fighting for a safer world”.

The company’s security products were banned from government devices under the pretext of state espionage. Allegedly, the Russian government was using Kaspersky to spy on the US.

The company has denied any and all accusations.

Image Credit: Alexxsun