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Konica Minolta hit by second huge ransomware attack

(Image credit: Image Credit: WK1003Mike / Shutterstock )

Japan-based business technology giant Konica Minolta was hit by a new ransomware strain, which brought its services down for almost a week.

On July 30, customers reported not being able to access the company’s product supply and support site, met instead with a “service temporarily unavailable” message. Soon after, the company’s printers also started displaying a “Service Notification Failed” error.

The company itself remained quiet on the matter, to the extent that customers “could not get a straight answer as to what was causing the outage”, according to Bleeping Computer.

However, an anonymous source soon shared the ransom message, entitled !!KONICA_MINOLTA_README!!.txt. The note explains the company's data was “fully encoded” and that the firm should not contact law enforcement agencies, who might block the ransom payment.

The group behind the attack reportedly used RansomEXX ransomware, a relatively new malware that needs to be operated manually and does not have the ability to steal files.

This means whoever is behind the attack needed to compromise the company’s network first, map out and infiltrate all of the devices and then run the malware.