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Kubernetes costs are spiraling out of control

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The cost of running Kubernetes is spiraling out of control, a new report from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNFC) suggests.

The paper claims that 68 percent of businesses have experienced a rise in Kubernetes costs over the past year. Among those businesses, half have had to pay up to 20 percent more.

The increase in costs “isn’t in itself surprising”, the CNFC says, as adoption is growing across the board. However, businesses can do plenty to optimize their expenses with proper predicting, monitoring and optimization. This, the organization argues, can be achieved with real-time cost visibility into cluster behavior.

Almost a quarter of firms do not monitor their spending, while another 44 percent only use monthly estimates to organize their budget. Only a minority use showbacks and active chargeback programs. 

Even those that do allocate costs don’t fully attribute them across their clusters, with 40 percent of tenants being associated with namespaces and 35 percent with labels.

“This widespread lack of cost visibility turns Kubernetes spend into a black box, and leads to massive and avoidable overspend,” the report concludes.

"Considering the wide availability of strategies for real-time monitoring and optimization for Kubernetes-related cloud costs, failing to implement a deliberate, actionable cost control initiative can be a waste of significant money and also prevent teams from making solid product and business decisions. And this problem only gets more pronounced with scale and as cloud costs continue to climb," added Webb Brown, co-founder and CEO of Kubecost.

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