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Latest Firefox update blocks third-party trackers

(Image credit: Image Credit: Mozilla)

Mozilla has just announced a new update for its Firefox browser, and this one comes with a blocker for third-party trackers.

Firefox 63 will come with Enhanced Tracking Protection, the latest feature in a string of security-focused updates by Mozilla. Just a few days ago, the company announced it will be offering ProtonVPN through Firefox, to all users who connect via an unsecured, public WiFi.

Also, Firefox will soon block ad-tracking software by default.

Users that install Firefox 63 will have the new feature turned off, by default. Those that want to block third-party tracking cookies, or want to block all trackers, will be able to do so in the browser’s settings. However, Firefox also allows users to create exceptions, which will probably be useful, not to mention life-saving for smaller websites that rely heavily on third-party tools.

Besides the privacy update, the latest Firefox patch also comes with an updated New Tab page, which now pins users’ top sites. Firefox users on iOS will now have Siri Shortcuts available, letting them open new tabs via voice.

Windows users will also get to choose between the dark and the light theme, depending on the one they’re using for their operating system.

The latest Firefox version is available for download on this link.

Image Credit: Mozilla