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Linus Torvalds returns at the head of Linux

(Image credit: Image Source: Profit_Image / Shutterstock)

Linus Torvalds is back at the helm of Linux following a month-long break. 

The news was confirmed by the kernel’s temporary leader, Greg Kroah-Hartman, as part of the Linux 4.19 announcement (opens in new tab) this week.

“And with that, Linus, I'm handing the kernel tree back to you,” Kroah-Hartman wrote.  “You can have the joy of dealing with the merge window :)”

In mid-September Torvalds announced he was taking a break from the project and seeking help to better 'understand people's emotions and respond appropriately'.

Back then, Torvalds said he realised he was too harsh and brutal on the developers. “That whole [kernel summit] situation then started a whole different kind of discussion. And kind of incidentally to that one, the second part was that I realized that I had completely mis-read some of the people involved. This is where the "look yourself in the mirror" moment comes in.”

“This week people in our community confronted me about my lifetime of not understanding emotions. My flippant attacks in emails have been both unprofessional and uncalled for. Especially at times when I made it personal. In my quest for a better patch, this made sense to me. I know now this was not OK and I am truly sorry.”

“I am going to take time off and get some assistance on how to understand people’s emotions and respond appropriately.”

Image Source: Profit_Image / Shutterstock

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