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London boroughs looking to update their IT infrastructure

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible)

More than half of London boroughs are planning on replacing their IT infrastructure, HyperGrid has announced this morning. Based on a Freedom of Information request, the enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service company says a transformation of how the local government IT is being managed is happening. 

According to HyperGrid, local authorities are looking for more flexible and higher-performing offerings. 

Out of 32 boroughs that were asked, 30 answered, and 53 per cent said they're planning on refreshing their infrastructure. Another fifth (20 per cent) is in the process of rolling out a refresh. 

For a sixth (16.5 per cent), the biggest challenge in the data centre has been outdated infrastructure, which is more than any other challenge in the survey.

“The FoI findings provide a clear indicator of a need for change and modernisation in local government IT estates,” commented Doug Rich, VP of EMEA at HyperGrid. 

“Legacy systems are no longer capable of coping with the challenges brought about by budget cuts, increased demand for higher-quality services and reorganisation to fit the changing role of local government. The focus on quality is a crucial one: local government can no longer afford to settle for solutions that simply ‘get the job done’. The demands of digital transformation and ever-increasing workloads mean that IT infrastructure needs to be high-performing yet flexible to rapidly changing requirements.”

Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible