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London is Europe's data hub

(Image credit: Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock)

The UK’s capital is Europe’s most important market when it comes to data, according to new reports coming from Equinix. 

The company states that London is showing ‘strong growth’ and accounting for more than a third (35 per cent) of Europe’s private data exchange growth.

Equinix tracks Interconnection Bandwidth. That’s the data exchange happening off the public internet, for which the company says will soon be 10 times as big as the internet, and is growing twice as fast.

Despite Brexit, 64 per cent of senior IT decision-makers believe that the UK is the best place in Europe to interconnect with partners, customers, supply chain and cloud service providers, the report states.

 “Despite Brexit and political uncertainty in the UK, the GXI reveals that London is projected to show strong growth, accounting for more than 35 per cent of Europe’s Interconnection Bandwidth growth,” states Russell Poole, Managing Director UK at Equinix, Inc.

“London’s digital acceleration shows that post-Brexit, Interconnection Bandwidth continues to be driven by the secular growth of global data traffic and the massive shift in IT to support this data explosion. Equinix’s 12 data centres across the UK and the recent expansion of Equinix’s LD4 data centre in Slough, is an example of the continued investment and growth in London’s digital sector.”

Besides London, another city is growing bigger on the data map, and that’s Frankfurt. It is the fastest growing market in the world, with 58 per cent CAGR vs London’s 52 per cent.

However, London has twice the capacity of Frankfurt.

 Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock