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London still best place for start-ups, despite Brexit

(Image credit: Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock)

UK’s capital is the number one hub for start-ups and innovation, despite fears around Brexit, new studies have shown. Customer relations platform HubSpot has released a new report which says that London’s reputation remains intact, and respondents from Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Dublin still prefer the UK capital.

But it’s not just people outside the UK that see London in a positive light. Locals do it, too. More than four out of five (81 per cent) see London as a ‘great city for innovation’. East London Tech City, aka Silicon Roundabout, is the third largest tech start-up cluster in the world, right after San Francisco and New York City.

But fear still remains, at some degree, at least. Roughly seven in ten (71 per cent) feel confident they will consistently be able to find employment in London after 2019 and Brexit gets finalised.

“A vibrant accelerator community, a growing number of jobs, and a willingness to move into the tech sector help make London the most innovative city in Europe,” says Christian Kinnear, managing director of EMEA at HubSpot. 

“We were encouraged to see over half of the respondents questioned have aspirations to work in the tech-industry; no doubt driven by the lucrative opportunities available. In fact, 78 per cent would actually leave their current job to move to a startup because of the benefits and perks offered.”

Kinnear continued: “If this enthusiasm for technology professions can be harnessed, this could solve recruitment challenges and enable London to maintain its status as a thriving hub for innovation long after Brexit is finalised.”

Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock