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Loss of reputation tops enterprise data security fears

64 per cent of Western European organisations cite the potential loss of reputation/customer confidence as their biggest data breach concern, followed by the fact that current data security measures are not able to prevent all attacks (58 per cent).

This is according to a report from from Level 3 Communications and IDG Connect, which assessed the digital transformation plans of organisations headquartered in the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Other concerns included: Disruptions to business operations (57 per cent), maintaining effective security provision (54 per cent), the cost of security incident clean-up operations (52 per cent) and compliance with industry / government regulations (47 per cent).

The study also identified the growing volume and sophistication of malware attacks as the main factor changing data security priorities, cited by 58 per cent of respondents. The increasing prevalence of mobile devices and the impact of potential brand/reputation damage came joint second with 57 per cent, followed by greater reliance on the cloud (53 per cent).

Kathy Schneider, SVP Marketing and Product EMEA, Level 3 Communications, said: “Reputation is often a key consideration for customers and it is therefore crucial that organisations protect their reputation and data integrity by adopting robust security measures. A company’s data is one of the most valuable things it owns and recent security breaches are highlighting this fact.

"CIOs should ensure they work with a trusted partner when formulating security strategies. In today’s connected world, data breaches are growing more common and companies simply cannot afford to be caught off-guard.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Maksim Kabakou