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Why a low opinion of colleagues could be affecting your teamwork

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Businesses could be suffering from a drop in teamwork due to workers not thinking their colleagues are doing a good enough job, new research has claimed. 

According to Dropbox's new report, roughly two thirds of British workers believe their colleagues are good at what they do. 

From all the professions surveyed, PR professionals seem to have it worst, with  just 57 per cent believing their colleagues are good at their job.

Construction workers think best of their business partners, with 73 per cent thinking their colleagues know what they're doing.

The report also says that the higher the position, the lower the opinion of others. Dropbox says this is due to the fact that higher-positioned professionals have a larger skill set and more experience, so they also have bigger expectations. Sometimes, unfortunately, too big.

There are many reasons to these conclusions. One – many have had to cover up their colleague's mistakes. Two – their work was sometimes claimed by others and presented as their own. But the third – and also most important – is the fact that a fifth of workers admitted to have never done a job to the best of their abilities.

“Teamwork is one of the most vital assets for organisations and it is difficult for teams to work properly when it appears that not all of the members are pulling their weight – or quite simply not up to the task,” commented Chris Noon, data and teams scientist at Dropbox.

“However, as the study explains, apparent laziness is sometimes down to a lack of clarity on our roles, and this thinking can be applied to disengagement. Bosses can help counteract this by creating ‘safe spaces’ - an open, supportive, collaborative and motivational team environment to get the best out of their teams.”

Image Credit: Have a nice day Photo / Shutterstock