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Macs are more vulnerable to malware than PCs for the first time

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Malware targeting Apple's Mac devices is growing at a faster rate than ever before, a new report by Malwarebytes is suggesting. As a matter of fact, it has grown so widespread that it managed to outpace PC malware this year for the first time.

According to the company's analysis, there have been 11 threats per Mac endpoint, compared to 5.8 per Windows users. Malwarebytes says this represents a significant jump compared to last year, when it registered 4.8 threats per Mac endpoint. The numbers are based on the users that have Malwarebytes’ software installed.

The overall prevalence of Mac threats (opens in new tab) has risen 400 per cent this year, the company says, adding that the growth of its Mac userbase probably played an important role. Malwarebytes concluded the report by saying that the average number of Mac threats overtook Windows “by a great deal”.

“macOS' built-in security systems have not cracked down on adware and PUPs to the same degree that they have malware, leaving the door open for these borderline programs to infiltrate,” the company said.

Adware is getting “more aggressive”, and last year the company detected 24 million Windows instances and 30 million Mac ones. However, most of these Mac threats (opens in new tab) aren’t as dangerous as those on Windows. They’re mostly adware and a few unwanted programs.

You can find the entire Malwarebytes report on this link (opens in new tab).

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