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Mainframe drives business initiatives, according to BMC

Mainframes provide fast and continuous service that drives digital business initiatives, according to a new report by BMC. 

The report, 11th annual Mainframe Research Report, also says that mainframes are a critical core IT platform, supporting data digital businesses create. 

It is based on a poll of more than 1,200 executives and technical professionals.  "With 89 per cent of survey respondents projecting continued strong support for the mainframe, it is clear that companies view the mainframe as a long-term platform," said Bill Miller, president of ZSolutions Optimisation at BMC.  

"BMC helps customers transform their mainframes for digital business by helping them optimise their systems, data, and costs.” More than half (58 per cent) of companies that were surveyed said they want to use the mainframe more, and invest more in its growth. A quarter (23 per cent) said they will keep a ‘steady amount’ of work on the mainframe, while just 19 per cent said they plan to reduce the usage of the platform. 

“IT departments are moving toward centralised, virtualised, and highly automated environments. This is being pursued to drive cost and processing efficiencies. Many companies realise that the Mainframe has provided these benefits for many years and is a mature and stable environment,” said Frank Cortell, director of Information Technology, Credit Suisse.  

“Companies are considering the Mainframe an integral part of their IT strategy and one that will help them reach their future financial and business goals.” The full report can be found on this link

Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible