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Majority of companies still struggling with digital transformation

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Business leaders are struggling to digitally transform their organisations because they find it difficult to create a holistic view of their business. This is according to a new report by IDC and Domo, based on a poll of 375 employees in various industries.

The report says that businesses are trying to digitally transform, but are faced with a number of obstacles, most of which could probably be solved if the C-suite could get a full bird’s eye view of the business.

The biggest problem is data fragmentation. As different data goes into various silos instead of one large data pool, executives struggle to make data-based decisions. Then, there is the lack of visibility across business processes, as decision makers are left without the understanding of how their decisions shape their company. All of this is made even worse with organisational complexity, with the challenge of getting most stakeholders to agree and support business-affecting decisions.

At the same time, business leaders are feeling the heat. Two thirds of them (65 per cent) feel “significant pressure” to deliver a successful digital transformation strategy.

“Leaders are facing unprecedented amounts of pressure from technological, social and regulatory forces. It’s no longer about driving digital transformation in vertical stacks, but rather horizontally across the entire enterprise,” said Ian Tickle, Senior Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Domo. “However, when data is stuck in silos across the business it hinders new and efficient ways of working, and ultimately stalls digital transformation.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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