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Majority of pandemic-forced remote workers find collaboration challenging

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(Image credit: Future)

For all its benefits, remote working comes with one major downside: it makes collaborating quite difficult.

This is the conclusion of the latest report from graphic design platform Canva, which states that collaboration has been more of a challenge during the pandemic for 77 percent of workers.

One element of collaboration that stands out as a major challenge is presentations, for both the presenters and audience. 

On the presenter side, software seems to be the biggest issue, as almost half (45 percent) of employees said they struggled with it. And for the audience, distraction is the main problem.

Remote presentations are usually too long, too data-heavy or too boring, so many people end up scrolling through social media, reading the news, or even listening to music. Others try to get other work done during online presentations.

To solve the problem, Canva says, employees need better software. More than four in five (84 percent) said they need new and improved technologies to effectively collaborate.