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Majority of workers are now cyberaware, but are still breaking the rules

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Just because workers have a greater understanding of cyberthreats, doesn't mean security habits have changed for the better, according to new research from security firm Trend Micro.

Based on a poll of 13,200 remote workers worldwide, the report states that employees everywhere are starting to better understand the risk that comes with remote working, as we move into the fourth month of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Generally speaking, staff are more aware of the threats posed by phishing, malware distribution and coronavirus-themed domains.

However, many are still breaking the rules set out by IT and security teams. According to the report, most still use non-work applications on corporate devices and two thirds access corporate data via these unauthorised apps.

Many employees are also using corporate devices for personal activities, such as browsing or shopping, with just a third restricting the sites they visit on work devices. Some of the employees polled often use personal devices to access corporate data, and a few (eight percent) even said they had visited porn and dark web sites.

“There are a great number of individual differences across the workforce. This can include individual employee’s values, accountability within their organisation, as well as aspects of their personality, all of which are important factors which drive people’s behaviours,” explains Dr. Linda K. Kaye, Cyberpsychology Academic at Edge Hill University.

“To develop more effective cybersecurity training and practices, more attention should be paid to these factors. This, in turn, can help organisations adopt more tailored or bespoke cybersecurity training with their employees, which may be more effective.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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