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Majority of workers would prefer to continue working at home post-lockdown

(Image credit: Image Credit: Gpointstudio / Shutterstock)

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to transition to remote working with little time for preparation. But, despite the initial upheaval, will professionals want to return to the office once lockdown is lifted?

According to a new report from anonymous professional network Blind, the answer is, largely, no.

Polling roughly 2,500 workers, Blind found that almost two thirds (64 percent) would prefer to continue working from home after restrictions are lifted.

The fundamental shift in working practices brought about by the pandemic will likely result in a domino effect, Blind believes. "These results indicate professionals expect more tolerance, patience, and understanding as they go back to work,” said the firm.

Most workers will expect increased flexibility when it comes to working from home, and retaining top talent will also be (even more) challenging. Policies surrounding holiday, sick leave and dress code could also be placed under the microscope.

Businesses that rent out coworking spaces, such as WeWork, are also likely to suffer as a result of the trend, with companies requiring less space and happy to forgo the additional expense.

“Business leaders can leverage this shock to the system to remake the workplace for the better. The disruption caused by Covid-19 has granted business leaders the opportunity to transform organisations and expedite goals that were previously years away,” the report concludes.