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Managing digital performance could soon become impossible

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible)

The complexity of modern-day IT could soon make it impossible to efficiently manage digital performance, a new report by Dynatrace suggests.

Polling 800 CIOs all over the world, Dynatrace found 76 per cent agree with this assumption - and to make matters even harder, IT complexity is seeing exponential growth.

The growth is fuelled mostly by a speedy adoption of new technologies, and this trend will only accelerate even further. Dynatrace says more than half (53 per cent) of CIOs are planning on deploying even more technologies this year, mostly in the multi-cloud (95 per cent), microservices (88 per cent) and containers (86 per cent) space.

All of this has led to the fact that IT teams spend almost a third (29 per cent) of their time handing problems with digital performance, costing them roughly $2.5 million a year. AI is generally seen as a solid solution.

“Today’s organisations are under huge pressure to keep-up with the always-on, always connected digital economy and its demand for constant innovation,” said Matthias Scharer, VP of business operations at Dynatrace.

“As a consequence, IT ecosystems are undergoing a constant transformation. The transition to virtualised infrastructure was followed by the migration to the cloud, which has since been supplanted by the trend towards multi-cloud. CIOs have now realised their legacy apps weren’t built for today’s digital ecosystems and are rebuilding them in a cloud-native architecture. These rapid changes have given rise to hyper-scale, hyper-dynamic and hyper-complex IT ecosystems, which makes it extremely difficult to monitor performance and, find and fix problems fast.”

The full report, “Top challenges facing CIOs in a cloud native world” can be found on this link.

Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible