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Many businesses are concerned about a ransomware supply chain attack

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Businesses may have solid cybersecurity protections in place, keeping them safe from malware, ransomware and various social engineering attacks. However, many are under the impression that they could easily be attacked via the supply chain, and that in some cases, an attack would be “unavoidable”.

These are the conclusions of a new report published by cybersecurity firm Osirium Technologies. Surveying 1,001 IT managers for the report, Osirium found that three-quarters (77 percent) worry about ransomware risks through the supply chain, a figure that rises to 82 percent when the company depends on outsourced IT services.

Among those that have fully outsourced their IT services, more than half (56 percent) consulted with external partner on how to prepare for a ransomware attack. Online backups are considered among the best options.

Medium and large-sized businesses were most concerned about being attacked through the supply chain. Despite the risk, less than half (44 percent) have strict requirements for third-party relationships, while 8 percent don’t have any such requirements. The good news is that two-thirds of businesses ask for regular updates from their supply chain about their measures and protection/recovery plans.

Despite having a “good protection system” in place, 77 percent still worry about ransomware, while more than half (55 percent) are under the impression that, while some attacks are avoidable, others are not. 

Drilling deeper into the potential consequences of an attack, a large proportion (47 percent) said it would probably take at least a month to recover from a ransomware attack.

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