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Many businesses are still failing to secure remote workers

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Many businesses are still failing to properly secure their remote workforce, risking data breaches, downtime, loss of revenue and large fines.

According to a new report from IT security firm Distology, almost half (48 percent) of IT leaders consider their cybersecurity posture subpar, at least when it comes to remote working. At the same time, attacks are becoming more common and techniques more sophisticated.

At the heart of these insufficiencies lie education and legacy tech, the report suggests. More than a third (37 percent) of respondents confirmed employees in their organization haven’t been educated on how to avoid a security breach, while 57 percent worry about employees using the same password across multiple platforms.

Meanwhile, employees in almost half (46 percent) of the organizations surveyed said they were using decade-old technologies. 

Businesses should review their cybersecurity strategy, Distology argues, which would help keep businesses, stakeholders and sensitive data safe, while ensuring employees are future-proofed.

“Technology from five years ago, let alone ten years ago, wasn’t built with today’s threats in mind. And, as threat actors show no signs of reducing in intelligence, outdated security solutions make it so much easier for attackers to exploit a business’ weaknesses. In addition, every employee in every organization should have at the very least, a basic level of training on how to spot and avoid a potential cyber-attack,” said Lance Williams, Chief Product Officer at Distology.

For almost half of the respondents (46 percent), the biggest threat lies in the advancement of technologies and threats, which is why many are looking to update their cybersecurity measures. Most are looking to obtain next-gen firewalls, deploy multi-factor authentication and ensure secure remote access.

Sead Fadilpašić

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