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Many businesses still refuse to shake legacy systems and processes

(Image credit: Shutterstock / vs148)

Businesses want to be powered by the cloud and are making strides towards that goal, but are still being held back by legacy systems, a new report from cloud consultancy Mobilise suggests.

Surveying 603 small, medium and large companies across the UK for the report, Mobilise found that the vast majority of businesses (83 percent) have begun their cloud journey. Almost a third (29 percent) are already cloud-native, with the bulk of these firms operating out of London (34 percent). 

However, clinging onto legacy systems is creating problems for these firms. For almost a quarter (24 percent) it’s the biggest barrier to adoption, ahead of financial outlay, lack of staff capacity, lack of understanding, and decision-makers being oblivious to the benefits of cloud.

But as businesses migrate to the cloud, they need help. External assistance is in high demand, with almost nine in ten (87 percent) saying they’d considered (or are using) an outsourced supplier. On the other hand, two in five (39 percent) believe they can manage the migration without assistance. 

James Carnie, Co-Founder and CTO of Mobilise, said: “It’s no surprise that reliance on legacy systems is the biggest barrier to adopting the cloud. The ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentally persists in so many businesses."

“What is surprising is how few businesses are taking their teams with them on the cloud journey. Firms won’t get far if their firms aren’t properly trained, even with the best of intentions."

“Companies who fail to fully embrace the cloud will soon find themselves on the back foot and losing out to firms who are more agile, secure and cost effective due to cloud integration. In fact, firms who want an edge over competitors really need to be aiming for not just cloud nativity, but cloud excellence.”

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