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Many businesses think cloud apps make them target for cyberattacks

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/bluebay)

For half of IT decision makers all over the world, running cloud apps means the company is a prime target for a cyberattack.

Thales recently polled 1,050 IT decision makers all over the world to see the main reasons an organisation might come under a cyberattack, and cloud apps tops the list, followed by unprotected infrastructure and web portals.

With that in mind, everyone seems to think that cloud access management is crucial if they are to move forward with cloud adoption. Yet, CISOs are rarely given the final decision on this important topic. The report argues that companies would rather give this task to the CIO.

In the UK, one in five businesses give the CISO the final go-ahead for cloud access management. The UK is also quite aware of the dangers of logging in through social media accounts. Just 29 per cent of organisations allow it, compared to 56 per cent in the rest of the world.

Over half of businesses in the UK (55 per cent) would like the network being used to be considered in a smart Single Sign-On (SSO) solution.

“2019 Thales Access Management Index findings clearly show concerns surrounding cyberattacks when deploying cloud applications. Trusted access to the cloud is key to our customers’ digital transformation, but without adequate investment in a dedicated CISO office, organizations will lack the leadership required to implement the correct security strategy or solutions to keep them secure in the cloud,” said Tina Stewart, vice president market strategy for cloud protection and licensing activity at Thales.